T-Shirts and Animal Impact 

Kristina bicycles across Tasmania to learn about the role animals, specifically sheep, have in the textile industry. Learn about the history, culture, and natural wildlife of the unique southern island state of Australia. 

A Story About Wool,
an Educational Film Discussing Mulesing


The following activities were designed by the  undergraduate class at the University of North Carolina Wilmington taught by Elizabeth O. Crawford, Ph.D. Please try them with your class or tell us what you created from following the Tasmania adventure or the film.
We'd be happy to share. 

Students in Melbourne tried out the activities and came up with some work within 15mins - 20min following the film. 

Get in touch to Skype or conference with a class from around the world on this topic. 


Student Examples


Following Slideshow below, Melbourne youth brainstormed some solutions that would sell to a farmer or retailer and some avenues for sharing information.  

Possible Solutions  

  • If sheep were looked after, they'd produce more wool to sell 
  • Non wooly sheep do not attract Flystrike  
  • Plain bodied sheep will not attract Flystrike  
  • Healthy sheep = more wool to sell  
  • Clean sheep first  
  • More individuals are becoming educated and no one advocates for animal cruelty 

Information Avenues  

  • Advertising - Schools, guest speakers, TV after 8pm 
  • Lady Gaga or popular pop singer  
  • Field visits  
  • Social Media - Twitter, Facebook  
  • Make a website  
  • YouTube  
  • Primary source of info - farmers, industry workers, patrons  



Watch the above video as a opening for discussion on how people are a voice for all animals. Further resources at the Roots & Shoots for the Classroom. 

Other great resources to look at are:  

Share these quotes with your students to foster discussions (note: each includes further relevant learning resources):

"Making ourselves the solution, rather than part of the problem is our greatest challenge." ARRON WOOD, KIDS TEACHING KIDS  

"Living in Australia, we do live in a very, very fortunate society, and in many ways we are cocooned from the broader reality and challenges that both people and animals face internationally... I don't think for a moment that by awakening human hearts to the plight of animals we are not broadly extending compassion to other species and our own species. The greatest challenge humanity has to face is to make decisions on what is ethical as well as profitable." LYN WHITE, ANIMALS AUSTRALIA

"If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others... why wouldn't we? " EDGAR'S MISSION, LIVEKIND

"As the world becomes more environmentally aware, I believe that we must as individuals recognize the magnificence of our natural world, and feel a sense of accountability for our actions which affect it. " BOB IRWIN, WILDLIFE & CONSERVATION FOUNDATION



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