The Adventure Learning program Ride To Learn thematizes global citizenship, sustainability, and humane education through a variety of engaging and interactive multimedia teaching activities.

Our students follow the cyclists from day to day to take them places they have never heard of before. We map their progress through Google maps, find out about changes in climate, learn about different governments, cultures and also have a mock passport to be stamped as we progress!
— Teacher, Sydney

The main objective of Ride To Learn is to provide an enriching environment in which participants can create and collaborate on solutions to the real life global challenges they learn about in the context of a live cycling adventure with World By Cycle


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Program Feedback 

I am thrilled about introducing some of the local and global issues from a positive perspective hopefully avoiding overwhelming my students and instead empowering them with courage and hope.
— Teacher, USA
there is such a disconnect between what is happening in the classroom and what it is happening in the world. This program changes that, thank you!
— Teacher, Switzerland
I was wondering if you guys have ever thought about stopping and just giving up. I really admire what you’re because I definitly couldn’t do it.
— Student, Toronto